sow verb
\ ˈsō  \
sowed; sown\ ˈsōn  \ or sowed; sowing


  1. to scatter (seed) upon the earth for growth
  2. to set in motion
  3. to spread abroad 

It’s easy to state your support of Black Lives Matter. But how can you activate your support by taking actions whereby you can see and measure the real impact in the world? 

This is the question we posed to ourselves in a recent staff meeting, as the country roiled with protests in response to the brutal killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks, whose names would be joined to those who pre-deceased them in the struggle — most notably Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, and Sean Bell.

We are in what appears to be a watershed moment.  Media brands, ad agencies, and Fortune 500 companies have pledged their support of Black Lives Matter and allocated billions of dollars to support racial justice initiatives.  Apple and Youtube dedicated $100 million dollars apiece to address racial equality. And black recording artists have banded together to address their own “master-slave” relationship with record labels via the newly formed, Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC)

As a black-owned media company, we felt a duty to not only stand with the movement for racial justice and equity for the descendants of those Africans enslaved and then systemically immobilized in America.  But we also felt a calling to actively endeavor to create the world we want to live in by taking intentional and purposeful action to sow into the world the seeds of that which we want to grow.

Hence we created SOW., through which we call together partnerships with media organizations, Fortune 500 companies, brands, influencers and leading voices who share a lasting commitment to racial integrity and are motivated to show forth that commitment in both word and deed. 

Our current focus is on the creation of opportunities in media, finance, youth education, mentorship and entrepreneurship that will take a bold and innovative approach to the entrenched challenges of the world in which we live, namely the legacy of systemic racism. 

When we look back at when we founded in 1995, we remember how we were wide-eyed and determined to use the power and influence of Hip-Hop to draw Black people into this exciting new technological innovation called “the internet.” We did that.  

Here we stand 25 years later witnessing a far more vital shift.  Today, our mandate is even greater.  And so is our will.

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In service,

Felicia Palmer & Steven Samuel
Co-Founders,, and introducing, SOW.